3 Secrets to avoid long queue for a Thai Massage

Apart from being the Land of Smile, Thailand is also famous for its traditional Thai Massage. Having a Thai massage in Thailand is popular not only for its originality but also for its good and affordable price. Therefore, it is very typical to see tons of tourists waiting in line in front of a massage store. If you are one of those people who find waiting pretty boring, here are some secret tips for you to save time!

Visit the store during non-peak hours

Most massage stores will have their peak hours during the evening because that is the time people, especially tourists, will have free time to go for a massage. So if you can go during late morning or early afternoon, you will definitely get a massage without having to wait. The period between 10:00hrs – 16:00hrs is where we highly recommend!

Go to local massage stores

Most tourists will go to well-known massage stores without knowing that there are tons of traditional and local massage stores around the cities. The problem is just that they do not know where to find them. You can ask local people in that area to recommend you local massage stores or you can also make use of our platform where we will help you find the nearest local massage stores for you.

Book your massage in advance 

Some massage stores do provide advance reservation via direct phone calls. Unfortunately, they may not be able to communicate in English or Chinese effectively and that may cause miscommunication. Another alternative is to use booking website like Thaihand to cut all the language barrier and book your massage in advance with less miscommunication.