Ouch!! Why Thai Massage is painful?

“It hurts, but it hurts so good!” This is probably one of the most commonly heard phrases you will hear after good and relaxing Thai Massage session. If you have been to a Thai Massage before, you will be able to relate to this kind of feeling. It happens when you feel so much pain during the massage session but after the session is done, all you can feel is the joy and pleasure of massage. So let’s have a look why Thai Massage hurt so much? And should we tolerate the pain during a massage session? Let’s find out!

Thai Massage Techniques:

First of all, you must understand that Thai Massager normally use their hands and elbows to pressure your body. Their main objective is to help you release tension in your contracted muscle tissue that blocks blood circulation. So, by applying firm pressure to those tight muscle tissue, it allows your blood to circulate better and as you may know already, blood transports nutrients and oxygen in your body. When having a contracted muscle tissue, it blocked the circulation of good nutrients to go through and fix your pain. Therefore, that is why Thai Massage can be painful sometimes because the massagers need to apply firm pressure to your contracted muscle tissue.

Know Your Limit!:

Honestly, there is no one else in the whole wide world who will know your body’s limitation better than yourself. When having a Thai Massage, sometimes it can be so painful that you doubt whether this massage session will cause you more harm than good or not. If you are aiming for just a physical relaxation from a traditional Thai Massage stores, we recommend you to tell your massager right away when it’s too painful for you. Some of you may say that, most Thai massagers cannot speak your language, not a problem!, we will talk about some easy thai words you can tell your massager when it’s getting too painful.

Knowing simple thai words can help!: You must keep in mind that thai people really love and appreciate when foreigners try to speak thai. Thai people find it adorable. So here are some useful words you can learn right away when the massage is getting too painful for you. The first word is ‘jeb’, it means ‘painful’, when the massage is getting too strong, just tell your massager this word, ‘jeb’ and he or she will know right away. The second word is “bao bao”, it means ‘softer softer’, when you say ‘bao bao’ the massager will know that it’s getting too strong for you. See, it’s not hard right?

Remember, the next time you go to a Thai Massage, you need to know your physical limitation and if it’s giving too much pain to your body, just use those ‘jeb’ and ‘bao bao’ words to let your massager know!