4 Surprising Benefits of Thai Massage

Imagining yourself lying down in a relaxed atmosphere with some traditional Thai instruments playing in the background. Lights are dimmed and you can feel the gentle warmth of the candles. I mean, what else is better than a Thai massage after a long tiring day! Good news to you, Thai massage is not only perfect for relaxation but it also comes with several health benefits. Here are the top 4 benefits of Thai massage:

Cure Chronic Physical Pain

1. Cure Chronic Physical Pain: Thai massage is really good for curing chronic body pain as it helps eliminate tense muscles and allows blood to better circulate to different painful parts of the body. With good circulation of blood, comes with good circulation of nutrients and oxygen in your body. This will help your damaged tissue cure faster.

Improve Posture

2. Improve Posture: If you sit in front of your computer all day or your work involves standing for a long period of time, you might suffer from pain in the neck and back. The tensions in these two parts can result in a poor body posture. Thai massage can get your body back to its right alignment. It may require a regular massage session with the therapist to relax your joints and increase your muscle flexibility, but eventually, your body will be able to regain its healthy posture.

Sleep Better

3. Sleep Better: Thai massage can increase your serotonin, also known as, the happiness hormone. The serotonin level in your body is found to have impacts on your experience of a good night sleep. 

Perform Better in Sports

4. Perform better in sports: As mentioned earlier, Thai massage allows your circulation to bring more oxygen to muscles and body tissues. This can prevent injuries and also accelerate the recovery of an athlete.

Thai massage provides great benefits but there are times that you should avoid massaging as well, if you are pregnant or undergoing a severe injury recovery, the massage can lead to more complications or even worsen your health. However, in normal circumstances, Thai massage is very beneficial for most people and have you ever met a person who dislike Thai massage? I don’t think so!