Massage and Pregnancy

Can pregnant women get a massage?

You may wonder ‘can pregnant women get a massage’ The more the gestational age, the more aches, and pains follow. This article has an answer to the question.


Why do pregnant women suffer from aches and pains?

Aches and pains are a common problem among pregnant women. When it comes to body aches in pregnancy, the most common complaint is back pain, pain in the buttocks, hips to legs, and ankles. The main reason that causes aches and pains is that the body produces “Relaxin” and “Progesterone” hormones during pregnancy. In addition to this, other factors such as physiological changes cause the body’s center of gravity to be out of balance resulting in inappropriate posture. Weight gain is another factor as well, causing the knee joint to bear more weight. The last one is stress during pregnancy which causes the muscles to contract and cause pain.

Can pregnant women get a massage?

The person who can give the best answer is an “obstetrician” because the physical condition of each pregnant woman is quite different. Massage can have both positive and negative effects on health. Therefore, it is best to start by consulting the mother’s obstetrician before deciding to get a massage.

In general, pregnant women should not get a massage during the first three months because this is the period with the high risk of miscarriage. In addition, during pregnancy, six months and above should not get a massage as well. This is because the uterus is enlarged to the point that it presses on blood vessels and other organs, thus improper massage can be dangerous.

What kind of massage can pregnant women get?

Obstetricians allow pregnant women to get “Swedish Massage” because it is a massage to focus primarily on muscle relaxation. It also stimulates the lymphatic and blood systems through gentle massage with no acupressure or ironing of various muscles. The benefits of massage during pregnancy can relieve aches and pains, cramps, and the circulatory system of the body. In addition, they can reduce edema, pregnancy tension, and depression as well resulting in better sleep for mothers.

Can pregnant women get massage?

How should a pregnant woman choose a massage parlor?

It would be best to consider choosing a massage parlor with a license as a health establishment. The licensed shop will be certified by the Department of Health Service Support (Sor.Por.Sor.) and registered. The shop should have a notice displayed at the shop. If it is a traditional Thai medicine clinic, it must have a license to practice medicine in Thai massage. Also, the clinic should display a license in its entirety. For chiropractors, they must have a certificate or certificate from the Department of Health Service Support (Sor.Por.Sor.) and must be registered as well. In addition, you should contact the shop first to see if massage services are available for pregnant women or not and inform the masseuse before doing the massage again for confidence. 

Which areas of the body should be avoided during the massage?

In particular, areas that should be avoided include the abdomen, legs, or areas with varicose veins to prevent causing the blood clots to become clogged in other areas of the body. Thrombosis in pregnant women is extremely dangerous because pregnant women are at a much higher risk of developing the disease than ordinary people. Pregnant women should avoid getting even a foot massage as well. Many people may wonder why the feet, which are a distant organ, are dangerous for mama-to-be women. The answer is that Thai traditional medicine believes that the feet are the nerve center, and getting a massage in this area can stimulate the contraction of the uterus and cause miscarriage.

You should consult your obstetrician, who takes care of your pregnancy, before deciding to get a massage every time.

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